What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hot Desking in London

Have you tried sharing a working space with another group or Company? Does it make you less efficient or more effective when it comes to using equipment that is in the same premises? Is the pacing of work faster? If you are the owner of the Company, do you find it cost-effective? These are just a few questions wherein most people are caught in a dilemma of choosing between having an entire working space that will enhance skills of employees or will end having a day of socializing.

For some business owners, hot desking is a good way to save money while  still on a budget and demand is also carried out in a manner that time becomes more flexible. Weighing your decision is important in choosing a good working option for the benefit of your Company to grow. However, for you to balance your choices here are the following Pros and Cons that will help you ponder more and perhaps eventually will make up a good decision.



  1. Socialize with other departments in the premises- this can be of good advantage to employees who might need assistance from perhaps with their friends who happens to be in anotherpexels-photo-196070-medium-jpeg department. Although the office might turn out to be a socializing place for most employees as long as there is a good establishment of a relationship. This is a kind of opportunity wherein hot desking give a chance to people to mingle.
  1. Savings- the advantage of hot desking, especially if you can do it right and this is all about the efficiency. Having to save your money and at the same time invest it back to the Company, or you could have invested it more to a technology equipment that you can have a big use that will somehow make the hot-desking run more smoothly without any hesitation. Another thing that you can save from hot desking is that all computer units are very dependent on technology and has the software and hardware attached to it too.
  1. Flexibility- the purpose of hot desking are only for those whose business requires truly space for work to be done In comparison to freelance business, you do not need to have an office if you know that your employees are basing on the free time or the desired working time they want to start.


  1. The safety and health of an employee- of course, each has their needs as well and sometimes hot desking can be a little hard in determining the health practices and hygiene of your employees.
  1. Can not personalize- most hot desking offices limit the usage of a workstation and to some areas. Wherein you have to pack your things every day, and some hot desking does not provide anystartup-photos-mediumnew locker for employees who are in the building as well.

It is your choice and the decision whether you want to pursue hot desking or not. It is important that you can identify the difference and have weighed out your pros and cons.