About us

manjpgHello, my name is Jeremy Fullman, and I have been a businessman for about eight years now and counting. I remember having my days working in a small business unit office where it was exciting and fun at the same time. Although it was not an easy road for me as I seem to imagine. Business was almost in a shaky situation because I have to save money and at the same time keep up with the payables that I need to face each day. However, I have made it through in due time, I have met my business partner who happened to be in the working station where I used to operate my business. Little did I know that I can hasten my business as long as you have established a good rapport with people that surround you. I how it feels to be in a rock pit, and it is my passion to help you get through a tough situation, as you read my blog, feel free to read and contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.